Temperature-controlled logistics

Your goods are handled in a temperature-controlled network of vehicles, warehouses and terminals in Denmark, the Nordic region and other parts of the world. Your company can send and store in defined temperature zones and your goods can be temperature-controlled in accordance with specific routines through the entire logistics chain.

  • Temperature-controlled transport in Denmark, the Nordic region and other parts of the world
  • Temperature-controlled storage throughout the Nordic region


Refrigerated (+2 to +8 ºC), frozen (at the most -18 ºC) and temperature-adjusted transport of cargo and parcels in Denmark, the Nordic region and the rest of the world. A temperature-controlled network of vehicles and terminals give you the possibility to transport temperature-sensitive goods in a safe way in Denmark, the Nordic region and the rest of the world.

If your products need to be transported to or from Denmark, this is done by vehicle, ship or aircraft based on the best possible alternative and you will be assisted with customs clearance and veterinary inspection as needed.

Among other things, the service suits you if you need transport of foods or pharmaceuticals where defined temperature zones and an unbroken refrigeration chain is of extra importance.


When you need an optimised storage solutions for products that require freezer storage (-25 °C), refrigerated storage (-2° to +8 °C) or storage at room temperature or quick freezing.  The temperature-controlled storage is strategically located in the Nordic region and here, storage solutions are offered for all types of products that require temperature control. The temperature-controlled warehouses can handle everything from individual item picking to the handling of entire pallets.

The warehouses are HACCP approved and BRC certified for foods. If you have products that require a specially adapted solution, you can customise a temperature-controlled storage solution that suits precisely your company's needs. The solution is based on your company's sales, ordering frequency and your customers' location, among other things. This is to clarify the most optimal location in regard to costs and turn-around time for your stock.

Customs warehouse

If you need a warehouse for undeclared goods without time limitation, this can be done at a customs warehouse. You do not pay customs or tax during the storage period and special customs reprieve means that your imported goods can be checked so they are in accordance the with notification and freight papers. The warehouse handles transits and documentation for your products.

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