When your company needs a storage solution for larger volumes or for individual pallets in Denmark or the Nordic region.

  • Online business storage
  • Spare parts storage
  • Foods storage


You can choose between a number of various warehousing options that suit your company's needs for warehousing - for example, online business, sports and leisure, spare parts or hazardous goods. If you need cool, refrigerated or freezer storage, special temperature-controlled warehouses are available throughout the Nordic region.

Our warehouses have control tower solutions and are adapted for WMS as well as a range of additional services, e.g. packaging, picking and handling.

Types of warehousing

You can choose between a number of different types of storage adapted to your needs - for example, E-warehousing, spare part storage or foods storage.


These warehouses suit you if you deal in e-commerce. They are characterised by a few articles per order, a broad range and often, significant seasonal fluctuations.

Spare parts storage

The storage solution for you who has a spare parts range with a large number of articles and a need for late order stopping as well as fast and flexible deliveries.

Foods storage

Storage if you have products that require freezer storage (-25 °C), refrigerated storage (-2° to +8 °C) or storage at room temperature. The warehouses are HACCP approved and BRC certified for foods.

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