Mail within the Nordics

Mail within the Nordics

When you as a company, association or organization want to send mail to recipients within the Nordics.

  • Direct advertising
  • Invoices
  • Newpapers
  • Goods

Are you doing more and more international business, and need to send mail and lighter goods within the Nordics? Then we can help you, both with Nordic coverage and national services in the local market.

This service is suitable for you who send advertisements, newspapers, invoices and bank statements, as well as lighter goods for mailbox delivery.

Some examples:

Goods and newspapers - For you who have smaller goods, but in larger volumes, which should be sent directly to the recipient's mailbox. It can be e.g. beauty products, books and pharmacy goods.

Invoices - For you who regularly send invoices or bank statements, in large quantities, which require accuracy, good routines and proper resources.

Direct advertising - For you who want to process potential customers outside Sweden, with e.g. catalogues.

Do you have larger goods that you want to send abroad?

Check out our services Parcels to companies and Pallets to companies - for you who want to send parcels or pallets to other companies in Sweden or the rest of the world.

Bring employee puts mail in a mailbox