Mailbox parcel to Norway

When your company wants to send smaller parcels with delivery to Norwegian recipients' mailboxes. You choose if you want to offer your customers tracking with or without RFID.

  • Delivery directly to the mailbox, as your customers want it
  • Applies to parcels up to 5 kg
  • Simple, comprehensive delivery
  • Increased control through tracking with RFID
  • Local appearance, ie. Norwegian return address

When you send parcels to the mailbox of Norwegian recipients, they are transported collectively across the border and cleared through customs together. Then they are delivered to your Norwegian recipients' mailboxes throughout Norway within 2-3 business days.

If the parcel can not be distributed, for example due to locked mailbox or that it's a too large parcel, the recipient is notified via SMS or e-mail. The recipient can then pick it up at their local post office or delivery point (so-called Post-in-store) Monday to Saturday. After 14 days, the parcel is returned.

You can choose to send your parcels as a traceable solution, based solely on reading via the EDI barcode on the label, or as a traceable solution based on reading both via the EDI barcode and via RFID technology. If the parcel is to be traceable via RFID, the address label must be provided with an RFID tag in addition to the EDI barcode, and must be printed by an approved RFID printer.

In addition to the Norwegian address label, all foreign shipments to Norway must be supplemented with customs documents, CMR consignment notes and the associated load carrier label (routing label). For each order, a consignment note must be printed and generated to a predefined e-mail address. This consignment note must accompany each delivery.

A man picks up a parcel from a mailbox

What does it cost?

Please contact Bring Mail Nordic AB at +46 (0) 8-120 107 00 for more information.

Measurements and weight

  • The parcel must not be smaller than 9x14 cm
  • Roll: must be at least 10 cm. Length + diameter x 2 must not be less than 17 cm.
  • The maximum length is 45cm. Length + width + thickness must not exceed 90 cm.
  • Roll: maximum length is 90 cm, Length + diameter x 2 must not exceed 104 cm.
  • Up to 5 kg per parcel

If the goods is transported on a pallet, it must be a EUR pallet or equivalent. Length max 120 cm. Width max 80 cm. Height max 180 cm (incl. packaging and pallet weight). Weight max 750 kg per pallet (incl. packaging and pallet weight), max 23 tons per transport assignment.