Parcels to consumers

If you want to send parcels or larger deliveries to consumers, you can choose between home delivery or delivery to a pickup point. Or even better - let your customer decide the method of delivery!

We have expanded our services in Denmark.

  • Pickup point
  • Drop box
  • Home delivery

Pickup point

Should we deliver to the customer's closest pickup point or to a location that the customer has selected? The customer collecting his or her parcels is still the most standard delivery method and we deliver to a network of more than 7500 pickup points and drop boxes in the Nordics.

Your customer can choose the delivery location, e.g. if the customer prefers to collect the parcel near his or her workplace instead of at home. If a selection is not made, we choose the nearest pickup point or drop box. Notification of parcels is done via SMS, e-mail or letter and all parcels can be tracked on our website. The delivery time is 1-4 days in the Nordics.

Read more about our comprehensive pickup point network.

Home delivery

Your parcels and large items are delivered right to your customers' homes in Denmark and the Nordic region. Home delivery means maximum convenience for your customer - who has the parcel delivered at home when it suits him or her best. Your recipient will be notified beforehand via SMS or by phone and the shipment can be tracked via our website. There are several ways in which you can adapt home delivery. Here are three examples:


In Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo we can deliver your parcel on the same day - some times even within one hour.


Why not offer delivery when your customer is at home? As an additional service, we can deliver in the evening.

Installation and assembly

If you sell products that require installation or assembly, we can perform both these services and also take excess material back with us.

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