Fourth party logistics (4PL)

When you want an overview of your logistics flow where several logistics services are combined.

  • Simplify and improve the logistics
  • Plan your purchases
  • Control your stock

By using fourth party logistics, you can simplify and improve the logistics of a large and complex product flow - nationally as well as internationally.

You can choose to supplement our logistics services with administrative logistics services such as stock control, coordinating of project management to tighten up your overall logistics chain. By developing your logistics further and customising a unique solution, which matches your needs precisely, you will be a step ahead of your competitors.

Plan your purchases and control your stock

If you need help for the operational responsibility for planning purchases from your suppliers or factories, a fourth party logistics solution is for you. You will get assistance to check the incoming flow of products, planning of incoming vehicles, storage optimisation as well as effective stock control.

Coordinating and harmonization of your supply chain

A fourth party logistics solution helps you to coordinate all activities in the supply chain; from registration of orders to picking in the warehouse, distribution and customer contact, so your customers get their deliveries and service as agreed.
Online-based reporting systems and tracking of orders ensures ongoing follow-up just like a joint reporting system, electronic invoicing and pricing. Combined with thoroughly tested EDI integration between your systems and our business system, as well as an existing internet portal for customer orders, you and your customers will get the best possible service.

Administration of your financial flow

With fourth party logistics (4PL), your financial flow is managed, such as bookkeeping, invoicing and invoice checking in connection with your incoming and outgoing products. You can also make it easier for your company to enter into new markets by letting the fourth party logistics player have possession of your products.

Development of your business

The possibility for continuous development of your company's logistics flow creates cost-effective delivery chains by adjusting the costs related to transport, storage, administration, inventory and purchases.

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