Consolidated invoice

Consolidated invoice

To streamline and make customs clearance of shipments with BulkSplit easier, i.e. one or more pallets with several different parcels that are to be sent to several different recipients, a consolidated invoice is required, which accounts for all the associated invoices.

When you send parcels as BulkSplit, each product with the same tariff number of country of origin must be specified together on one line.

For example, if you are sending 20 pairs of shoes manufactured in the same country of origin with the same tariff number, they can be specified together on one line.

The consolidated invoice has basically the same requirements in regard to content as a payment invoice, but provides general information on the content of all the various parcels. Below is a template for a consolidated invoice.

If you use your own consolidated invoice, you must make sure that it contains the number of products, list of contents, customs tariff number, sender country, value and total sum of the various invoices.