Information about Black Friday and Christmas

Jul-illustration, lastbil i mörkt landskap

The Holiday season is approaching, and with Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner, we are expecting a steady increase in parcel volumes. In order to safely handle the workload, we have introduced several measures. 

To ensure that your goods reach customers on time, we have, among other things, employed more personnel at our terminals, in customer service and in our distribution. 


This year we have: 

  • expanded the number of delivery points throughout the country and increased the capacity to handle the volume of incoming packages. 

  • In the event of a lack of capacity at the selected delivery location, we automatically deliver the package to an alternative nearby to ensure fast delivery.   

  • We have extended the opening hours in customer service every weekday until 7 p.m., from week 47. 

  • We have manned up in our customer service and are available, through our telephone line, and on Messenger. Our chatbot is live 24/7, so it's easy for your customers to get help.  

  • In our SMS and e-mail notifications, we encourage customers to pick up their parcels quickly, in order to free up space for new parcels. On the tracking page, they can see when the parcel shops are busiest.   

  • If a parcel is delivered to a Nærboks, your customers can also return it through Nærboks.

How you can prepare 

There are measures you can take, to ensure that your parcels reach the right recipient, in good condition and on time: 

  • Let us know if you expect major changes in your volumes so that we can ensure collection on time. It helps us to be able to estimate the volume as accurately as possible. 

  • Turn in the packages as early as possible.   

  • Pack the goods safely, so that the contents can withstand handling and transport 

  • Make sure the label is legible and positioned correctly.  

  • Remember to transfer the package data in time so that the packages aren’t at risk for delay.  

  • Remember to include the phone number of the recipient when transferring package data, so that we can notify your customers along the way.   

We are doing everything we can to ensure that your shipments are delivered to your customers before Christmas. We are delivering packages, including Friday 23 December.  

Send your packages on time 

Due to increased parcel volumes in connection during the Holiday season, there may be slight delays. Please allow an additional day for deliveries during this time. 


Last pick-up day for delivery on Black Friday

Domestic Denmark: November 23rd 

Denmark to Sweden: November 21st

Denmark to Norway: November 18th

Denmark to Finland: November 17th

Last pick-up day for delivery before Christmas

Domestic Denmark: December 21st

Denmark to Sweden: December 19th

Denmark to Norway: December 16th

Denmark to Finland: December 15th

Last pick-up day for delivery before New Year

Domestic Denmark: December 28th

Denmark to Sweden: December 26th

Denmark to Norway: December 23rd

Denmark to Finland: December 22nd


For additional and more specific dates at our Nordic sorting terminals, please see PDF document.

Other countries: Contact your Bring salesperson for further information. 

Collection of packages at the terminals 

On 24 December we are open at the terminals between 06-12 for the delivery of parcels. 

Closed terminals 

We are closed at our terminals in Greve and Taulov on the following days between Christmas and New Year: 

December 24 

December 25 

December 26 until 3 p.m. 

December 31st 

January 1st until 3 p.m. 

Please note that it is not possible to hand in packages when the terminals are closed.