PickUp Parcel Return & PickUp Parcel Return Bulk

PickUp Parcel Return & PickUp Parcel Return Bulk

Makes it possible for companies to let consumers return parcels at the company's own expense. The return shipment is submitted to a Bring pickup point.

  • Return of parcels from consumers
  • Applicable to returns from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland

A woman is handing in a parcel for a return.

What does it cost?

The service is priced according to the agreement.

How big and heavy?

Weight and measurements

Maximum weight: 20 kg per parcel

Maximum length: 150 cm. Length + circumference cannot be more than 300 cm

    How to proceed

  1. 1

    What your customers do

    A return label is usually included, which the consumer attaches to the parcel that is to be returned. Then they hand it in at the nearest Bring pickup point and your customer will receive a receipt. Bring then comes and collects the parcel.

  2. 2

    Receive the return

    Pick Up Parcel Return
    Collection, transport and distribution of parcels as individual shipments. Available for returns from and to Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland (not within Finland).

    Pick Up Parcel Return Bulk
    The parcel is picked up and transported to a sorting terminal. At the terminal, parcels are picked up and stacked on pallets. Further transport takes place together on a pallet. Available from and to Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland (not domestic Finland) and to selected countries in Europe.

Additional Services

  • Parcels may be lost or damaged on the way to the recipient. We therefore recommend that you take out our supplementary insurance Cargo Insurance. The compensation is based on the fair value of the shipment and does not involve any deductible. We reimburse amounts up to:

    100,000 SEK or 10,000 EUR for your parcels
    1,000,000 SEK or 100,000 EUR for your pallets
    If you do not have Cargo Insurance, your right to compensation is tried in accordance with the provisions of NSAB 2015. Compensation is only allowed when Bring Parcels AB has caused the damage and the level of compensation is based on an amount per kilo - regardless of the value of the parcel's content. The compensation is 8.33 SDR * per kilo for road transport and 17 SDR per kilo for air freight.

    The insurance can be taken out for each individual parcel or pallet. Full compensation is given for the value of the goods, and you pay no deductible. It is the policyholder himself who states the value of the goods and it must be based on the goods' costs and any trading profit. This means that if you insure your item for, for example, 1,000 SEK , it must include the invoice value, shipping, insurance premium, any profit and customs.

    The maximum insurance amount for packages is 100,000 SEK or 10,000 EUR and for pallets 1,000,000 SEK or 100,000 EUR.

    Cargo Insurance can be taken out for

    All types of permitted goods, except mobile phones, wine, tobacco products, spirits, refrigerated, frozen and fresh goods or goods that are already damaged.
    For shipments to and from all countries except Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.
    For more information about insurance terms, see firstmarine.dk, which is our partner regarding insurance.

    You can choose to pay a fixed price for each individual shipment. The price varies depending on whether the shipment is to be sent to Europe or to the rest of the world. However, the premium is the same regardless of the value of the shipment. If you want to insure your parcels and pallets in this way, you can do so easily via our insurance order form, which you will find via this link.

    You can also choose to insure all your parcels and pallets for one year ahead. Then each parcel and pallet is insured automatically when you send them with Bring Parcels AB. Agreements on full-year insurance are written at the same time as your customer agreement and the premium for full-year insurance are calculated on the total value of the parcels and pallets that you send with us for one year. The prize is divided and added to the price of each parcel or pallet that you send. If you want to take out a year-round insurance, you sign an insurance agreement with your seller.