How we prepare for Black Friday and Christmas

The peak season is approaching, and Black Friday and Christmas are just around the corner. Our forecasts for the peak period indicate that this year we can once again expect record-high parcel volumes. In order to handle the increasing volume of parcels, we have introduced a number of measures.

Although our society has opened up again, it looks like most consumers will continue to shop online. To ensure that your items reach your customers on time, we have hired more employees at our terminals, customer service and in distribution. 

We started planning for this year’s peak period as soon as last year’s peak ended. We’ve evaluated what worked well and what can be improved. The peak season is the most intense, but also the most fun part of the year. 

Hanna Jonasson, Operations Director in Sweden, Denmark and Finland

The measures we are taking 

  1. We have expanded the number of pickup points throughout the country and increased capacity to handle the large volume of parcels. 
  2. In the event of capacity shortages at the chosen pickup point, we automatically deliver the parcel to a nearby alternative to ensure fast delivery.   
  3. Starting in week 47, we are extending our customer service opening hours until 7 p.m. on weekdays. 
  4. We have expanded our customer service team and can provide service by both telephone and Messenger. Our chatbot is live 24/7, so it’s easy for your customers to get help.  
  5. In the SMS/e-mail notifications, we encourage your customers to collect the parcel quickly to free up space for new parcels. On the tracking page, they can see when the parcel shop is busiest.   
  6. If the parcel has been delivered to a Nærboks, your customers can also return the parcel via Nærboks.

Together we succeed

We are well-prepared and will do our utmost to ensure that your parcels arrive on time. However, because this period is so busy, delivery may take one day longer for a small number of parcels. 

There are also things you can do to make sure your parcel gets to the right person, in good condition and on time: 

  • Contact us if you expect major changes in your volumes to allow us to ensure timely collection.   
  • Drop parcels off as early as possible.   
  • Pack your goods securely so that they will be safe during processing and transportation.  
  • Make sure that the label is legible and positioned correctly. 
  • Remember to transfer the parcel data in good time. This minimises the risk of parcels being delayed. 
  • Remember to include the recipient's mobile number when transferring parcel data, so that we can keep your customers informed along the way.

See also our Christmas drop-off deadlines for 2021

Greener delivery

This year your items will be delivered just as quickly, but greener in many places. On October 1st, we replaced our diesel cars with electric vehicles and bike messengers in the Copenhagen area. This means that more than 800,000 consumers and increasing numbers of businesses will receive their parcels CO2-free by electric car, electric bicycle or bike messenger.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with your contact at Bring.