Intermodal transport by train and truck

Intermodal transport by train and truck

Transport of containers and trailers by combined means of transport.

  • Green - train is a good sustainable transport alternative
  • Predictable - you can load and unload containers/trailers when it suits you
  • Simple - we ensure door-to-door transport for you. We use local drivers for both loading and unloading
  • Flexible - we have a large network and find the best solutions for you

Intermodal transport is suitable for you who need to send containers and trailers over longer distances and are interested in finding sustainable transport. Trains are a proven sustainable mode of transport. To make it easy for you, we pick up containers/trailers at your door and transport them to the train terminal for loading on trains. We can also transport the container/trailer from the train to the desired recipient.

We are a certified AEO operator and have transport permits for most countries in Europe.

Alnabru container terminal