About Customs Clearance

About Customs Clearance

Professional help for customs clearance is included in several of our services. We can help you with efficient handling of time-demanding paper work and adjust the customs clearance to precisely your needs. In those instances when you need to have control of which documents are needed, you can find useful information below.

Customs advising

We will need the information to be able to complete a correct export and import declaration form. It is important that the documentation is correct and complete, because the customs authorities' classification of products and the setting of VAT and any customs and import duties are based on the information in the documentation. Please note that as a sender, you are the one who is responsible for always enclosing the correct customs documents. Be careful when completing all the necessary fields in the various documents. If information is missing, your products may be delayed.

As a sender, it is important to check that the company is registered as an exporter. If not, the products cannot be sent out of Denmark. Danish companies must be registered with the Danish Business Authority for export, import and/or other customs activities in Denmark. You can register via www.virk.dk. In the same regard, it is important to disclose that in Denmark, it has been decided to use the company's CVR number as the EORI number in those instances where the company does not have a CVR number, but only a SE number (commercial register number). The SE number will be used as the EORI number. If the company provides its Danish EORI number, the CVR/SE number must be prefixed with DK, e.g. DK11223344.

Place the customs documents in a plastic document folder, which is visibly fixed onto your shipment and mail the same documents to your transport company. Write in English if the shipment is to be sent to other countries than Norway and Åland.

Depending on which product you are sending, various kinds of documents must be attached. What you need to attach as well as what it must contain, can be seen below.


  • Transport label
  • Three copies of either a Payment Invoice/Commercial Invoice or Proforma invoice
  • CMR waybill
  • Consolidated invoice only for BulkSplit

Parcel (products weighing less than 35 kg)

  • Transport label
  • Three copies of either a Payment Invoice/Commercial Invoice or Proforma invoice
  • CMR waybill

Transport label

This is the address label. We have specified below the information that is required on the transport label. Remember that all fields regarding content, value and number of enclosed invoices/customs clearance documents must be completed.

  • The sender's and recipient's name, address, telephone and tax number
  • Reason for transport (does not apply to commercial goods)
  • Precise description of the contents, including quantity
  • Number of enclosed invoices/customs clearance documents
  • Weight and country of origin
  • Value of the contents (cannot be set at zero Danish Kroner)
  • What you, as the sender, would like to arrange if the parcel cannot be delivered.

Get started with customs

In order for the customs clearance to go quickly and efficiently, you need to know a little about which rules apply and which customs documentation is required.

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