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Meet our Sustainability Manager for Bring Cargo International Sweden and Denmark

Karina Tranekjer has a long history in Bring, most recently as Regional Manager forthe department in DK-Greve. In close cooperation with the Group and the Division, the goal is to be thegreenest logistics actor, social responsibility, and governance (ESG –Environment, social and governance) and not least, create value for our customers within green transition.

Sustainable development – How to keep track of the different concepts?

It is easy to get lost in concepts, standards, frameworks, directives, and regulations. The road to sustainable development will require companies’ new skills. At the same time, it allows for new business models, both in existing markets, and with innovation, it also provides opportunities for completely new markets.

How can we work with sustainable development in concrete terms?

Posten/Bring has worked actively with climate and sustainability for many years, and has ambitious goals that include climate improvements, social responsibility, and governance (ESG).

We work actively with international agreements and frameworks, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals, where 5 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been selected as special focus areas where Posten/Bring can make the biggest difference. In addition, we work with SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative) that supports the Paris Agreement, which has a goal of keeping the global temperature rise below 2 degrees.

What does Posten and Bring do for the green transition?

We have focus areas both in the environment, social areas and on management (ESG) Specific examples include:

  • Intermodal transport where possible
  • Investments in fossil-free vehicles
  • Fossil-free last-mile transports in large parts of Norway, Sweden and Denmark
  • Partnerships to drive the green transition
  • Up to date in available technology, fuels and infrastructure
  • Close dialogue with customers on how we best create value in a collaboration

What are the main risks and opportunities in sustainable development?

Governments, societies, companies, and individuals have a responsibility to create sustainable development. The biggest risk is if strategy is not translated into action. Conversely, if everyone contributes within the available framework and means, and does a little better today than yesterday, then a step has been taken towards sustainable development.


Karina Tranekjer - Sustainability Manager Bring Cargo International Sweden and Denmark


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