FAQs about parcels

  • How do I book collection of my parcel?

    Book your collection via Mybring. The order must be submitted at the latest 10.00 a.m. if collection is required for the same day. The parcel is then collected between 1.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. on the same day. Please note that you do not need to book collection separately for courier and express services.

  • Where is my parcel?

    You can track your parcel by filling in the consignment number in the search field at the top of the page.

  • How do I create a return freight note?

    When you have received your verification code from the person/entity to which the parcel must be returned, you can create your return freight note on our returns page.

  • My parcel has not arrived. What could be the reason for this?

    Your parcel could be delayed because, for example, the incorrect address was used, a P.O. Box was used instead of a street address, defective packaging, insufficient documentation for customs clearance, or that a part of the company name sounds like a private person (in order to avoid this, you can use the words 'company', 'AB' or similar when you send parcels to a company) You can read more about how to label, package and address your parcels.

    If you are a private person who is to receive a parcel that has not arrived, you must contact the company who sent the parcel to you.

    If you are a customer of Bring, and you have sent a parcel that has not arrived, you should perform a search first via Mybring. If you need further assistance, you can contact us atcs.dk@bring.com or call +45 70 28 60 70, and we will help you.

  • I would like to take out extra goods insurance. How do I do this?

    Your shipments are insured in accordance with the agreement terms and conditions you signed with us, i.e. you will be compensated in the event of loss or damage. However, the liability is limited and it does not always cover the value of the goods. If you want to take out extra goods insurance, you can do so on our insurance page.

  • What do I do if my parcel is damaged or delayed and I want to complain?

    If a shipment is damaged, delayed or lost as a result of Bring's handling, you can create a complaint.

  • How does customs clearance work?

    We have gathered information about customs clearance on our customs pages.

  • The price on my invoice does not match the price you disclosed when I ordered.

    The price that is given when ordering is based on the information you submit in regard to weight, dimensions and measurements. The weight and dimensions of the parcel are checked and the amount debited is always according to the subsequent correct information and therefore the disclosed price does not always match the debited price.

    In the event of further questions about invoices, please contact Debitor.Denmark@bring.com.

  • How do I book a collection?

    You can book a collection by logging on to Mybring or by calling +45 70 28 60 70.

  • How do I book return freight?

    If you are a contract customer with a return freight agreement, you can book return freight on Mybring. If you have a verification code, you can book your return freight on www.bring.dk/retur.